Slides that stick logo with a blue overlayOften, the colors of images do not fit the color scheme of a presentation. One solution to this is to "take out the colors" of the image and replace it with a monochrome overlay with the most important color of your color scheme. As an example I have added some nice blue to my title page picture. How to do it (PowerPoint 2007):
  • Select the image
  • Click the "format" menu in the top menu bar
  • In the "adjust" ribbon, pick the "recolor" drop down
  • Pick one of the suggested colors ("light variations" work best), or hard-key a RGB color code from you color schema in the more variations/more colors box
This technique works particularly well with noisy images full of colors, or pages that contain a lot of logos with irregular colors. Not as elaborate as Adobe Photoshop, but sufficient for most situations.

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