Mashable features a brief review of Slideboom. There are now many, many of these services for sharing presentations out there (Mashable listed some here). Criteria to evaluate them are usually:
  • Do they actually have enough capacity to work (Slideboom seems to be suffering from the attention last night)
  • Do they convert all possible PowerPoint features and effects including animations (Slideboom seems to be doing good here)
  • Do they have their own proprietary presentation design interface: Slideboom just takes PowerPoint presentations, which makes sense I think, teaching people a completely new user interface might be too much of a challenge (maybe with the exception of applications that focus on specific features, such as Flypaper and Flash)
  • Do they have a big and rich following and sharing community (Slideboom as at a disadvantage from players that are already established)
This looks like a useful service, but the worlds only needs one or two good ones. These good ones should be able to deliver presentation quality that can be put on an overhead beamer and allow for Webex-style meeting/presentation orchestration features. Let's wait and see how the shakeout plays out.

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