A combination of big (sometimes huge) projector screens and high-quality images creates an opportunity for (PowerPoint) presenters to enter the arena of the movie director to provoke real emotions in the audience.
  • A bright light or a beaming sun beaming right at us, although there is no risk of dammage to our eyes we intuitively squint
  • A sudden pop up and disapearing of a big spider ("booh", never used this one though)
  • A gun pointing at the audience (or less dramatic: a remote control zapping you away)
  • Large close-up of eyes (beautiful, innocent, scary)
  • Nails and a blackboard (makes you feel the chart)
  • Looking down a roller coaster track, training coming at you, base baller about to hit a ball
  • The list can go on
Image purchased from iStockPhoto.

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