Mashable pointed to this usefull tool yesterday. Aviary is an "in-the-cloud" image manipulation utility (trying to take on Photoshop and others). To lure more users to their site, they have created a neat screen shot capture tool (bookmark this URL).
I use screen shots a lot, and until now relied on CTRL-PRT SCR, followed by a paste into a PowerPoint slide. (For example to extract tag clouds from Wordle) Two drawbacks:
  • A huge, very wide image (I have a large screen resolutions) gets plopped into your slide that you need to crop by switching the PowerPoint zoom to 33%
  • A partial web page image (PRT SCR only captures what's on the screen)
The Aviary tool is more useful:
  • Simple: type in followed by the URL you want to capture, for example if you want to make a screen shot of my corporate site
  • The image (covering the entire web page including parts that are not on the screen) opens up in a basic image editor for cropping.
  • You can save the image for future use

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