The mobile phone screen is becoming a mainstream outlet for content. Services such as SlideShare have become so popular to share presentations (=ideas) to mass audiences that presentation designers have begun to adjust their style to suit this type of viewers. What happens if you add these two trends up?
Swiss Miss pointed me towards a new iPhone app: iStoryTime, enabling kids to flick through narrated children's stories. (The same target segment as Story Bird). Animoto allows you to create beautiful animated videos on your iPhone, it is just another example of a visual language that is suitable for the small screen.
Squinting to read a blog RSS on your phone, scrolling left/right and up/down to understand the big picture of a web site, maybe there is another future for presentations here: the ideal format to spread an idea on a mobile device through a series of clicks.
The constraints are simple: a small screen, and no presenter is present to explain things. I wish we had these constraints in PC PowerPoint:
  • "I better make sure these slides are clutter free and can easily be read from a distance"
  • "I better make sure that people really, really understand what I am trying to say here; I won't be there to explain it"
That would do a lot of good to many presentations that are written as we speak.

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