We've all been there. You're stuck. Analysis-paralysis. Writer's block. Structure-overload. Where to start? How to break the deadlock?
Imagine you're sitting in front of a really experienced investor (Warren Buffett?). You have 10 minutes.
Press record.
Just tell your story. There is no time for buzz words. There is no time for complicated frameworks to structure your story (first we do a SWOT, then we leverage our core competences to differentiate from our competitors and make sure we reach critical mass before the window of opportunity closes). Just tell from the heart why someone should invest in your business.
Press stop and play back.
What did you say? In what order? When did you feel the need to take out a pen and scribble a simple diagram on a piece of paper? When did you "see" Buffett frowning and felt the urge to explain something again? What metaphors did you use to explain the technology?
Now let's go back and re-do that PowerPoint presentation completely.

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