This slide always comes in somewhere in the annual management review. Here are all the activities of me (or my department) over the past year. The bullets are coming out:
  • Organized the annual consumer event
  • Biz dev trip to Poland
  • Created a new planning tool
  • Put a trade symposium together
These slides do not justice to your efforts. Break each bullet point up into a separate slide and go through them really quickly, but add something interesting to each slide:
  • Slide: an overview picture of the 80,000 visitors of your consumer event (a rock concert)
  • Slide: an image of you having a flat tire in the middle of Poland on the site of a major new potential customer
  • Slide: head shots + name of the very well-known people from the trade that were present on your symposium
  • Slide: sceen shots of the new sales budget planning tool
Stories make the achievement look much more impressive and people will remember them better ("hey, was that you who did this?").
A second implication: always have camera (or a photographer) at hand during important events, maybe even a better one than the one built in to your phone. Think ahead about next year's annual review presentation.
This same technique is also really useful when making presentations that need to present your company and its activities to a major (international) customer or business partner. The only pictures of the company that usually makes it in these type of presentations are the one of the lonely receptionist waiting for a call to come in.

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