Sometimes, a live presentation can be a pretty inefficient way to get a message across. For example, TED presentations are usually really good, but they still need around 20 minutes of your time. Have a look at the new fund raising video of the Acumen Fund that was released yesterday. It lasts 1:35.
In this 1:35 the video manages to explain a completely revolutionary concept to charity. It is not about giving food, it is not about giving the tools to grow food, but it is all about investing in profitable businesses that produce goods/services, create wealth and can grow by themselves.
The video does not need long speaker introductions, does not use spectacular motion graphics, does not rely on "look how miserable these people are" images. Just a number of upbeat people talking straight in the camera at you. It is hard to do this in 1:35 on stage with PowerPoint slides.
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