It's the time of the year for corporate gifts. Many of these could be really nice, where it not for that huge corporate logo that makes you shelve a beautiful pencil instead of using it. A waste. If your gift is nice, you do not need to remind people that it was you who gave it to you, they will remember.
Most corporate PowerPoint templates waste a lot of screen real estate on elaborate graphics to make sure that the audience does not forget who the employer of the presenter is. This is not only a waste of space, but these graphics also disturb the overall balance of the slide. A far better way to reinforce your corporate identity is to use the corporate colors consistently through your presentation. No need for logos.
So far, a consistent message. But what if the presentation is poor, and people walk in and out of the conference room, check email, make a phone call or get a much-needed coffee? In that case, you might need a reminder of who is speaking when you re-enter the room. Maybe template designers just anticipate this situation...

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