For those who do not know: Google Street View lets you look at images taken in the streets of more and more cities. You walk around, look up, down, sideways. Like Google Earth (see an earlier post about how to tilt Google Earth maps), this is a fantastic source of images for presentations.
  • Images of landmarks that are much more natural and real than the ones you can find in stock image sites.
  • The ability to take unusual photo angles, most stock images are taken looking straight ahead. 
  • Ultra-local: if your presentation somehow is set in a certain location, go there!
  • If your presentation is in the area of retail, urban planning, Street View is a great way to give examples of let's say Starbucks stores in a few different cities, in a few different formats
  • People shots: doing a presentation about mobile phone use, youth fashion trends? Google Street View enables you to walk out in the streets of Paris and see what's going on.

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