Time is precious when pitching to a venture capitalist (VC) for funding your startup. Don't waste it on things the VC is already convinced of. Examples:
  • Common beliefs, i.e., in 5 years from now people will be downloading dramatically more data to their mobile devices than they do today. This can be conveyed in 1 slide, or you can spend 15 minutes on it, showing all possible research that point to the same answer.
  • Specific VC beliefs. If a VC has told you in previous meeting that she is a true believer of - let's say - the software industry moving into the cloud, you can save yourself the effort of trying to convince your audience of that point. Someone else did it for you.
One important note about common beliefs though: they could be wrong! If your perspective deviates from what everyone else is copying form each other, you (obviously :-) ) should spend time/slides on it.

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