I decided to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010 (affiliate link) not because of the features that are discussed in most reviews, what interests me is the ability to create customer complex shapes (adding, subtracting), something that until now only was possible in Adobe software. Although I would be interested in the video functionality as well (the complexity of video editing software prevented me from getting serious with motion graphics).
On a separate note, the world of office software is changing. I used to be a loyal buyer of the "Professional" edition since the early days. Not any more. Excel has become so powerful that I see no need for Access anymore (99% of my clients do not know how to deal with this software), and I still get Outlook bundled with my Excel and PowerPoint, although I will probably never open it now that I have moved completely to Google for email, calendar, and contacts. (Another reason not to take the Professional suite: Microsoft has abandoned their upgrade pricing scheme.)
I will post my experience with PowerPoint 2010 in future posts.

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