Wonderful, a top 100 of the most over-used buzz words in press releases compiled by Adam Sherk:
Leader, leading, leading, best, top, unique, great, solution, largest, innovative, innovator, award winning, exclusive, premier, extensive, leading provider, innovation, real-time, fastest, easy to use, dynamic, state of the art, smart, flexible, cutting edge, biggest, world class, amazing, next generation, revolutionary, sustainable, best practices, leverage, thrilled, robust, delighted, cloud, user friendly, extraordinary, breakthrough, savvy, ROI, transform, seamless, groundbreaking, empower, scalable, one of a kind, proactive, best in class, return on investment, market leading, turnkey, mission critical, strategic partnership, ground breaking, dashboard, iconic, industry standard, never before, re-purpose, ecosytem, win-win, best of breed, enterprise class, empowerment, magical, synergy, out of the box, feature-rich, stack, cross-platform, value proposition, well positioned, disruptive, hit the ground running, disruption, mindshare, space-age, bleeding edge, exit strategy, customer-centric, sea change, sticky, silo, synergistic, client-centric, outside the box, paradigm shift, peak performance, perfect storm, organic growth, top-down, next-gen, never been done, bottom-up, solution-driven, secret sauce, low hanging fruit.
People hear/see/read them so often that nobody pays attention anymore. Think about that in your next presentation or white paper. (Hmm, not sure what to think about "sticky" featuring prominently in there.)

Via Advertising is Good for You.

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