You're the owner/founder of the company and you are pitching to a potential investor. When introducing the company, you always start with its history:
How you started straight out of university, renamed the company after a waterfall you visited in Africa a year later, developed a 2nd product line, but then dropped that again in year 4, re-branded again, moved to a different city, and hey, that's how we ended up where we are today.
To you it makes perfect sense. The story is how the company became what it is, how you became what you are. To the outsider, it is not that relevant, and even potentially confusing as the audience tries to figure out what you are about.

Skip the history and start with today. Except - if needed - a short reference to a useful link to the past: "the fact that we started out as a piece of 3D home design software in 1998 comes in handy today as we move forward to build the world's best 3D gaming engine".

A chronological story line is not always the best story line.

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