One of my presentations in the public domain. This time the setup was the global finals of the 2010 Global Security Challenge in London. Startups that had won the regional semifinals were granted 6 minutes to pitch their company in the field of IT security to a jury. I designed the presentation for IDU Biometrics within the following constraints:
  • 6 minutes, no second more
  • An audience that understands IT security, but has no idea what so ever about the company the moment the 6 minutes start, we begin at level 0
  • A very tight startup budget: all designed in basic PowerPoint without sophisticated effects and/or illustrations, one file that forms the basis for the company presentation, a looping presentation inside the company booth at the exhibition that was held in the same venue, a video for online viewing, and a good introduction for a broader presentation for fund raising from venture capitalists.
Here is the video version of the presentation:

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