Not really.

Background watermarks such as these are often used in PowerPoint templates to lighten up a slide that is loaded with bullets. They are supposed to look sophisticated and fancy. They might work for a restaurant menu card or a birthday party invitation, but not for a professional presentation.
  • They make text hard to read (including bullet points)
  • They clash with any type of graphical element that is not a bullet point
There are other ways to make a slide look sophisticated with a completely blank background:
  • A nice image
  • Big text in a nice font 
  • Minimalist / simple elements (boxes with a few words in them will do) in colors that match your corporate identity
Take off the logos, take off the watermarks, take off the page numbers, remove the date, get rid off the file path, convince your lawyer to write just one page that all pages in your presentation are highly confidential rather than repeating it on every page.

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