UPDATE: To readers arriving here via Google: this is a post from February 2011. However, as I write this in January 2015, Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac again is crashing frequently. I recommend saving your work often. I corresponded via Twitter with the Microsoft support team and they pointed me to their general cleanup suggestions here (basically removing all your preferences).

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Here is the original post from 2011:

OK, more searching solved the issue, which can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975723 My toolbar folders were corrupt.

Everything is working again without toolbar customization. But when I start modifying the toolbars again (I need a set of 20 buttons or so to be really fast an efficient in PowerPoint), the whole saga starts again. I will keep you posted about my experience with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011.

I have been battling with PowerPoint 2011 for the Mac for the past hour and it seems seriously flawed. When entering slideshow mode, it just crashes. Searching online for a solution reveals dozens of forum discussions about the same issue that are unresolved. Do not upgrade from Office 2008. Repeat, do not buy it, it is not stable yet! Usually I am an early adopter of software and can live with a few bugs here and there. Not being able to go into slideshow mode kills the purpose of PowerPoint, this is a serious flaw.

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