Sasha Dichter is the Director of Business Development (fund raising) for Acumen Fund,a global non-profit venture fund that invests in enterprises that fight poverty in the developing world. (Example: investing in a mosquito net manufacturer creates employment/income for a local community and fights malaria at the same time.)

He is building support for a great initiative: turn Valentine's Day into Generosity Day. The idea is that you say "yes" to anyone who asks for help for 24 hours. He himself went through an initiative like this, but kept going for a month, see a video below explaining what he learned form that.

If you are interested in the work that Acumen does, join the community of supporters all around the world. I know that this blog is read by many presentation designers, and doing presentation design work as a gift for a worthy cause is a great way to make a difference. A much better way actually than sending a check (see an earlier post about pro-bono presentation design).

(Disclosure: I help Acumen now and then with their fund raising presentations).

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