I will be speaking in New York on 5 and 6 April (click the bullets for full details):
The events will take place from 18:30 to 20:30 at the NYU Stern School of Business. Tickets are $25, but readers of this blog can get a 40% discount by applying promotion code  "ideatransplant".

I am honored to be invited by Sean Black, CEO of SalesCrunch, the organizer of these events. SalesCrunch is a social selling platform in which online presentations play a central role. The business has 3 elements (my seminars are part of #3):
  1. CrunchConnect  makes it easy to share sales presentations with prospects. Moreover, it tracks to what extent they are viewed and how effective the presentations are. The service blends web conferencing, presentation sharing, social networking into one platform that salesforces can use to interact with prospective clients.
  2. CrunchTrainer uses presentation sharing to create a powerful online salesforce training tool
  3. SalesSchool is a community that organizes events about sales-related topics, my 2 seminars are an example of these.

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