A potential customer has many ways to get information about your product:
  • There is information on your web site
  • Your competitors bring the client up the learning curve about the industry
  • In your preparation phone calls with the prospect, already a lot of information gets exchanged
  • Maybe you sent the customer a copy of the slides of the sales presentation in advance
  • There could be a product demo that the client already has been playing with
So, when you finally enter that meeting room, it is good to think about the value of the precious 1.5 hour of face time. Maybe it is not about information transfer. Maybe it is about giving your client an opportunity to get exposed to what they have not seen before: you in action, in person.
  • What type of supplier are you?
  • What about integrity?
  • Can you be trusted?
  • Do you understand their questions?
  • Are you flexible?
  • Etc.
The sales presentation is an excuse to figure you out.

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