When an investor is running out of time, conversations often end with "why don't you email me an executive summary".

Upon hearing that, startups wil scramble to produce the well-known executive summary format, compressing the entire pitch deck in just a few paragraphs:
  • Has to fit 2 pages, so no space for visuals, use a small font or narrow margins if required
  • Stuff the text with buzzwords and big numbers
  • Include all the features of your product
  • Spend a lot of paragraphs on CV details of the founding team

Think of this from the investor perspective: this document is boring and so dense that it would take the same amount of time to read it start to finish than to page-down through a slide deck. Here is an alternative: "I am sending you a 5 minute pitch"
  • A short and visual document, but it could be longer than 2 pages
  • Explaining the investment opportunity in human language
  • Focus more on the problem, less on financial,  product details, and team details (that can come later)
  • The objective is not to get the investment (yet), but to get invited to the next stage in the investment process, possibly a full pitch meeting

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