Slowly I am working around some of the shortcomings that PowerPoint 2011 for Mac has in comparison to PowerPoint 2010 for Windows, and get to enjoy some of the advantages of the Mac platform. One of them is color management.

Built-in to a Mac is a powerful color management picker:
  • With a magnifying glass, you can copy the color of any element on screen and add it as a color to your palette. For example, you can take the colors from your corporate logo to create a matching PowerPoint color scheme. In Windows, I had to rely on other applications (Photoshop, Paint) to do this.
  • Your color palettes are stored across applications, so you set them in PowerPoint, they are available in Photoshop, Keynote, and any other applications you are using.
See this extensive post on on how to use the Mac color picking tool. Thank you Andrew Marritt for pointing me to this.

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