Over the past year, things have gotten increasingly busy for me. Two weeks ago for example, I landed new clients in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Milan, and Calgary. Of course, not every week is like this, but still.

I would like to experiment whether it is possible to scale my business without investing in people on the payroll and fixed office infrastructure, working with people on a project-by-project basis. As I look around me and see other designers present themselves, I realize that each and every one has their own specific strengths. I would be great to use that talent and bundle it into a great client proposition.

To start, I would like to get a better idea who is out there. If you are interested, do not post in the comments, but you can contact met at jan [at] ideatransplant [dot] com, put "iamadesigner" in the headline so my gmail filter catches you and specify what your specific strengths are, maybe link to some examples of your work, and (only if you want) give me a sense of the sort of commercial terms you usually work on.

Maybe this is you (obviously not all of these need to apply):
  • Someone who can clean up slides once the overall design has set
  • Someone who is great at finding images to visualize a concept
  • Someone who is a master at Adobe Illustrator
  • Someone who is a master in Photoshop
  • Someone who can transform a PowerPont presentation into beautiful motion graphics
  • Someone who is an expert in data visualization
  • Someone who is great at taping video interviews/presentations
I have no idea whether this freelance network model will work/happen, but if I do not reach out, it will for sure not happen. In the worst case, I will get a list of people I can refer work to that I cannot do myself, either because of a time constraint, or a mismatch in skills required.

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