Photoshop is growing on me, after having confused me for many years. Photoshop is catering to multiple audiences. Professional photographers need the sophisticated tools for correcting camera images. Advertising designers need the engine for creating complex layer compositions.

What is useful for presentation designers? (search help in Photoshop for exact instructions how to find them):
  • The magic wand to remove image backgrounds (the Microsoft PowerPoint option is really poor)
  • Image size and canvas adjustments to get to the exact right size of an image at 300DPI
  • Content-aware fill to extent backgrounds
  • Content-aware extend to extend backgrounds
  • The spot healing tool to fix extended backgrounds
  • The color-replace function to change colors that are slightly off (i.e., make orange red)
  • And (a bit advanced) the vanishing point filter to put text on 3D objects
Whenever a new version of Photoshop is released, I am not so much looking forward to more features, but better implementation of existing ones. 

What features have I missed?

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