“Who is Steve?” my daughter asked this morning. “The guy who came up with the idea for that device you are holding. Kids, you are watching way too many movies, shut it off and go eat some breakfast”

You can admire Steve Jobs as a person (I did not know him personally), you can admire him as a successful businessman who made billions by not giving up (MBA students might be interested in this), but most of all Steve was a man who had an enormous impact on my day-to-day life.

Seeing his keynote addresses a few yeas ago made me realize that the world could be a better place if I could help people present just a little bit more like Steve. In the process, I managed to cut myself free from corporate shackles and take charge of my own life.

Today you can feel a strong personal loss for someone you have never met in person. And it is actually Steve who made that possible. Thank you for that.

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