In the first second you meet an investor, you want her to stop guessing what you are doing. Describe in a short sentence what you are about, then move on with the more detailed pitch. An investor who is guessing what you are about is not listening to you.

I pulled up the trending startups of last month on AngelList.
  1. These slogans are targeted at investors, not (potential) customers
  2. They do not contain buzzwords or fluff (at least 99% of them) and describe what you are doing (not one of these is enhancing the social browsing experience with sticky semantic and relevant content dissemination)
  3. They can be very descriptive about what a company is about. Often direct comparisons to existing companies are used as a short cut.
  4. Startups are not afraid to put these type of descriptions in the public domain. The benefit of interesting a large potential investor base far outweighs the thread of someone copying the idea (based on the slogan) overnight
Here are the first ones that come up:
  • A high-quality, low-cost 3D printer that works out of the box
  • Safe driver score
  • Everyone's second job
  • Spy on competitor's display ads
  • Detailed social analytics for marketers, brands and agencies
  • Meetup for mealtimes
  • The Internet, peer-reviewed
  • Video advertising platform for mobile apps
  • Check in your daily accomplishments
  • Evolving the user experience for web interaction
  • An augmented reality gamification platform
  • Simple social business CRM
  • Mobile customer service ratings
  • Daily deals matched with industry leading publishers through editorials
  • Market place for artisan food
  • Flipboard for documents
  • Pinterest for places - spots you love from people you trust
  • Yelp for health
  • Beautifully simple dashboards
  • Building the neighbor graph
  • Cloud-based platform for visual and statistical text analysis
Not every one of these has the power of  “10,000 songs in your pocket”, but they are still pretty good.

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