The Zynga IPO presentation made a statement that they created nine out of ten of the world's biggest social games. There are two issues with this statement.

First, this very powerful statistic is buried inside a series of bullets. For you the presenter, it is a totally obvious shortcut. For the audience that just gets to you know your story, it is simply too short to grasp in full. Instead, spend an entire chart on this one point. Show the ranking of the top 10 social games. It will take you almost exactly the same time to present, and this time, with the ranking visually in front of them, the audience will get it.

The second problem with nine out of ten is that you take up 90% of some category. It does not mean much to the audience. What makes it interesting and more understandable is to contrast the top 10 with the top 15 or top 20. Shows which very famous titles did not make it in the list. Often, a concept is defined by its opposite.

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