Recently, I discovered the joys of playing music while working. I feared that it would distract me, but the opposite is true; I find that I am able to concentrate for longer stretches of time, with fewer temptations to check email or Twitter streams.

What sort of music works best for me? Jazz. Why? It is great as a background music that does not take over your mind. (I do not understand why they do not play more jazz in elevators). Pop music gets stuck in your head. Classical music has many repetitive patterns that do not work for me while designing.

I tend to switch on an Internet streaming music service to avoid listening to familiar music, and have the hassle of switching CDs every hour. (Poor store sales people who have to listen to the same track 15 times a day).

If you do not have the luxury of your own office, a good set of headphones might be a worthy investment.

What is your favorite music while working?

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