Switch-overs of technology during a presentations are always tricky. That is why I hardly ever recommend clients to use videos played in different software and live demos in short presentations. The worst case scenario happened last night at the school Hanuka event of my daughter.

After the performances of all the groups had been completed, this series of events unfolded:
  1. Mic: “After all the songs we already sang, we will just sing one more, really, only one”
  2. Full lights on in the room, everyone blinking
  3. Mic: “ There are huge amounts of donuts waiting for you outside the room!
  4. People struggling to put up the small PowerPoint projection screen again with lyrics (you can see it behind the band)
  5. People running around the stage looking confused at papers with lyrics, pianist and guitarist flicking through pages
  6. Kids are heading for the donuts...
Happy holidays to everyone!

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