You do not have to pay a professional presentation designer to do basic chart make-overs. Here are the secrets:
  • Take out ugly reflections, bevels, and huge shadows 
  • Center things properly
  • Align and distribute any object on the slide
  • Cut words on bullet points
  • Group bullet point lists in sub categories
  • Take out random colors and replace with those in the logo
  • Remove Times Roman and Comic Sans and replace with Arial
  • Take out italics and underline
  • Round chart numbers and other financial information
  • No ticks on chart axes
  • Chart gap width to 50%
  • Titles all in the same place, on 1 line (chop words if necessary)
  • Replace fuzzy logos with hi-res ones
  • Fix hanging bullet points (i.e., the next line starts under the bullet, rather than at the indent)
  • Reset images to their original aspect ratio
After this, no need for a slide-make-over artist.

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