The big problem in webinars and web meetings is the upload bandwidth. If you are running the presentation live from your computer, then the speed at which attendees can download your high-res images, video, or animations is the speed of your upload connection which in most cases will not be much more than 1Mbps. Download speeds are much higher (I have gone up to 50Mbps recently).

 The solution for this would be to upload the bandwidth-heavy content beforehand to a server, and only use your live upload connection for the audiotrack. Some web meeting solutions such as SalesCrunch (disclosure, a client) allow you to upload presentations beforehand. But video does not work (yet). Do any of you know a solution or a workaround that allows me to use video in a live webinar?

P.S. An earlier post about how I use an iPad to log in as a participant to monitor what my audience is seeing during a webinar.

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