The 2 photos from a birthday party below show what an impact cropping a good composition can have on the quality of your images. I used the iPad app Snapseed (affiliate link) to do the following:
  1. Cut out the eating man, cut out the light/bright parts of the image at the top to focus on the boy in the foreground and the girl reaching fro the bubble in the back
  2. Take out the color since the composition of the greens and the clothing of the kids does not really look interesting. The B&W image enhances the texture of the bubbles, leaves, and grass
  3. Selective up the brightness around the faces of the boy, the girl, and the boy back to the left
  4. Up the sharpness and structure of the image

The result is a transformation from a bland image to one that looks like a Matrix-style freezing in time. I am constrained here by the 455 pixel limitations of Blogger, the final image looks better at its proper resolution.

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