You are the country manager of one of a company’s 100 territories, and the CEO is coming to visit. You probably have a deck somewhere that you can use to Frankenstein the all encompassing presentation about your country organisation.

But maybe it might be better to start from scratch for this new audience.

Some content can go, all the tactical details about combatting that local competitor really excites you, but is not that interesting to the CEO.

Some extra content is required. What is special about your country compared to others? You never had to worry about that before when presenting inside your own market. It might be good to take a step back and go further back in time than the last 2 quarters to show the evolution of your market. Your staff knows it, but the CEO does not. Adding some pictures of staff, or some examples of marketing material will add even more flavour to your story. Maybe it is necessary to  convert all financials in a different currency.

In short, Frankensteining is not enough.

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