Immediately after the iPad launch, doing a presentation on the device was cool and innovative. Now that the new car smell has worn off, the iPad has become another common device in our IT setup (light, small, touch, crappy file system). What are the implications for presentation design?
  • More people do not carry their lap tops everywhere anymore. As a result, you might find yourself running a presentation from an iPad in a 1-on-1 meeting. Not because of it is cool, but because it is the only screen around.
  • Increasingly, people open email on mobile devices. Remember that a PPT file does not look great when opened on an iPad without the right apps. And it is unlikely that your boss, or potential customer, or potential investor has this software installed. 
So what I end up doing is saving a animation-free PDF version of my important presentations (no font rendering issues) and keep them in Dropbox alongside the PPT master file. The iPad has become a workhorse.

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