A post by VC Brad Feld about pitch fatigue: when people have told a story too many times, they get bored and lose the passion to present it with all they have got. Your audience hears the story for the first time though, and they probably evaluate you 50% based on content, and 50% on the emotional delivery of the story (your body language). A bored presenter will not convince. What can you do?
  • Do not run off a standard script like a tape recorder, but as you get more experienced with your story, deviate from predictable patterns
  • Make the story a dialogue rather than a monologue. Try to make it very specific to the audience. Use case examples, analogies that are tailor-made to that client, or that potential investor.
  • Now that you know the story in and out, you can rely less on slides and visuals. Make more eye contact, and tell your story verbally
  • Fire yourself up before the pitch, and think about the outcome you want to achieve, getting that investment or signing up that customer. The objective your meeting is not to deliver the pitch, it is to reach your objective. That should bring that spark of adrenaline back into your system
  • Make sure you are not physically tired (eat a snack 30 minutes before, have a coffee)
  • Do a make over of your deck, after 999 run throughs you have probably some pretty good ideas how to delivery the story better, but you somehow never have time to sit down and implement them. Create the time, and make more minimalist, bolder slides and create a piece of true art that makes you excited to deliver your pitch.

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