After my quick review of Keynote and its new web app version, I went back to check out the Microsoft PowerPoint web app, which is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft Sky Drive account.

Overall the look and feel of the app is similar to the desktop version, interactions are reasonably snappy, but there are a few very simple roadblocks towards making this a credible alternative to the desktop version. I did not bother to go into a more detailed review at this stage:
  1. Fonts. If you used custom fonts in a presentation designed on your desktop, they will not show up in the web app (I use a Mac so I cannot embed fonts inside a PowerPoint file). This is a showstopper: it is very difficult to edit a presentation when you cannot see what you are doing, and completely kills the option of using the browser to present your slides.
  2. Data chart. You cannot edit or create them. No use for a business presentation.
 We are heading in the right direction, but are not there yet.

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