Adobe launched a new iPad app, Adobe Voice, that enables you to create narrated story videos. There are many apps that help you build animated videos, but this is one of the best I have seen.
  • It is incredibly simple to use (unlike most of Adobe software), with a beautiful user interface that breaks the conventional approach to video editing
  • It comes with dozens of pre-set story lines: tell what happened, follow a hero’s journey, share a growth moment, promote an idea, etc. Once a story line has been selected, the app prompts the user on each slide with a question to answer (why did the hero set out on his journey?).
  • After recording the audio, you can add images, icons, or text
  • The app comes with a large library of background templates and sounds.
There is an 80/20 rule here, in 20% of the time, you get your video 80% right. Still if you want to get to 100% perfection (something that you are confident to share professionally), you need to get put in the other 80% of the effort. Prepare your visuals and images, and prepare your script.

It is cute that this app was developed for iPad, but for professional use Adobe should create a browser version as well for desktop. It can have the exact UI (except for resizing of images etc.). It is a bit tricky to extract your creation out of your iPad at the moment, and usually people do not have their image databanks stored on iPad.

But overall, a nice app.

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