Over the past years I have changed my brand and blog look and feel many times over. Axiom One was the legal name for the management consulting firm I set up (found it by browsing a dictionary, hence the letter "A", I liked the meaning of axiom, which is a mathematical foundation that cannot be proven but a required building block to build entire theories about the universe. 

Then came the blog with "Slides that stick", and moving to "sticky slides", designing slides that would not instantly be forgotten but stick in the mind of the audience. Slowly I focussed less on my strategy consulting business (I would always be a low cost alternative to a larger firm), and started building a reputation in business presentation design, an area where I could aspire to be one of the best in the world.

Idea Transplant was a name that covered my work (doing serious, often highly confidential presentations) better than "sticky" which has some negative connotations. The honey was replaced by artwork (I love the Dutch masters and the impressionists). Idea Transplant will continue to be the brand for my bespoke presentation design service offering. 

Idea Transplant is not the right name for my business presentation design app which I named SlideMagic. It is a functional name that people can remember, recreate when they hear/read it. I am not totally convinced that it is the best name for the concept but I focus all my investment in building the product right now and save splurging on marketing later (SlideMagic is 100% self-funded at the moment).

The blog and my presentation design book Pitch It! (now free to read online), will move to the SlideMagic side to build as much traffic as possible to support the new app. 

Apologies for the brand confusion and thank you for joining the journey with me.

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