The way I work with files is changing:

  • I stop organising downloads in carefully structured folder trees. If I need that bit of information again, I will find it again through search, or simply by sorting things chronologically. A time-based filing methods works actually pretty good over the course of 1 month
  • I use screen shots to move images between applications, rather than finding the image, importing, converting, resizing it.
  • For projects I am currently working on I create a folder that I pin to the left hand bar of the Finder (Apple's file manager), once the project is done the folder gets unpinned and disappears in the hard drive somewhere, only to be found via search.

Dropbox and Apple are trying to get me to give up version management by enabling file history. I do not use these features and use "save as" to create a new restore point for files, very 1990s.

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