Sometimes, your company has 2 products with similar, but different stories. Pitch the products in full detail sequentially duplicates some of the common parts of the story (and bores the audience) A generic pitch followed by example 1 and example 2 makes the product pitches too weak.

A possible solution that I recently applied to a medical technology startup:

  • Layout the basic idea behind the innovation that is shared between the products, not necessarily as a pitch, but more to educate the audience
  • Set up the company as a combination of 2 parts
  • Do a full pitch for product 1 (without repeating the basic concept that was explained in the introduction)
  • Do a slightly shorter pitch for product 2, just highlighting the differences in the technology for product 2 compared to product 1.

Art: John Everett Millais: Twins, Kate Hoare and Grace Hoare, 1876