This is the dilemma in many investor presentations, in the front, in the back? Usually, I put the team slide in the second half of the presentation, after you tackled the pitch of the problem/solution. The slide sits in the "about" section, alongside financials, organisation, milestones, etc.

There are exceptions, here are some reasons to put your team slide in the front:

  • The team is actually the key story of the pitch: if your company consists of unusual people (the former this, the former that), than better start with it right
  • The majority of your team is sitting in the room, physically. A team slide upfront is a great background for the introduction of your people
  • Your company is all about combining different disciplines, which have never been combined before. A time slide (specifically designed to show the cross-functional expertise) might help support this point.

I usually design 2 versions of the team slide:

  • A summary slide that highlights the main message about team that you want to emphasise (we worked together for 5 years before, we worked for very important companies before, each of us has 5 patents, etc.)
  • In the appendix of the document a more elaborate, traditional CV description of the backgrounds, you can use font size 8 here.

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