I noticed that many of the pitches I have been designing recently follow this kind of narrative:

  • [Something] has been going on for ages
  • It is hard to understand that with all technological progress we still have to do [this], [this] way
  • Well, there is a good reason for, because until now it was not possible to get [this] right
  • Enter [company] that for the first time can offer [this] and [that] at the same time
  • This is not as easy as it sounds: for example look how hard it is to do [this]
  • It is not hard to see why in a couple of years, everyone who used [this] will now be using [that]

After this, the more standard "about" section follows with information about the company, the product economics, financials, team, etc. etc.

Art: Vincenzo Campi, The Fruit Seller, 1580

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