There are two popular web site template providers: squarespace and wix. I like to think of presentation design software SlideMagic as "squarespace for presentations". Many other PowerPoint alternatives (such as prezi) are "wix for presentations". What is the difference?

  • Wix offers a lot of features, colours, fonts, pre-programmed templates for specific sectors (vets and pets for example)
  • Squarespace is muted, has far fewer choices, fewer colours, bells & whistles.

The great thing is that the design restrictions of squarespace actually result in better web designs. People have to think how (whether) to put that content on the page. A professional designer will pick a style and restrict herself to stay in that framework. That is why it looks so good. The layman designer cannot resist to add more stuff. Squarespace and SlideMagic protect the non-designer from herself.

P.S. Squarespace powers the SlideMagic landing pages and blog.

Art: The Stadhuis under construction, by Johannes Lingelbach, 1656
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