I created a quick presentation (hey, in SlideMagic) that highlights some of the features I have put inside that you will not get in other presentation design apps. Some of them you will never find there (even if people try to copy them) because of the fundamentally different way SlideMagic works. Less designer freedom and more uniformity allows you to do great things!

  • Keyword search across all your slides, no more opening and closing files
  • Image-based search: "get me all the slides that contain this image"
  • Explanation slide-out drawer to turn an abstract visual presentation that needs verbal explanation into a document that you can email.
  • A strictly enforced grid that makes sure everything is always lined up and distributed properly. And the most tricky part: that includes the columns and bars of data charts as well.
  • Instant conversion from a light to a dark background and back (switch between a conference room and a keynote hall setting)
  • And, a template bank that is constantly updated by a McKinsey/Idea Transplant designer!

Give SlideMagic a try yourself, you can request an invite here.

Art: Albert Gleizes, 1912, Les Baigneuses, oil on canvas, 105 x 171 cm, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Published in Du "Cubisme"
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