It is a good exercise to go back in your memory and try to recollect presentations you saw, and what you still remember of them.

Chances are that you forgot:

  • The names of the 7 forces affecting that guy's industry
  • That complex logical argument structure
  • The mission statement
  • That inspirational quote
  • The benefits: flexible, scalable, cost efficient, and customisable
  • Etc.

There is a good chance that you still remember:

  • That personal story
  • That detailed but unexpected fact
  • That French accent
  • The Skype message notification icon
  • That image of a container ship that summarised the big idea
  • The button that was missing on the shirt
  • That clever analogy that ran through the entire presentation
  • That unexpected turning/break point in the story
  • The benefit that you get that whole thing up and running 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • Etc.

Now look back at the presentation you are working on.

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