The Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger fell through. Fred Wilson makes the case that this is probably a good thing, not so much because of consumer choice, but on the other side of the business: content providers trying to get through to consumers with their offering (Netflix, etc.).

This article in the NYT provides some interesting background on the failed $25m lobbying and pitching effort. Some quotes:

"He was smothering us with attention but he was not answering our questions"

"And I could not help but think that this is a $140 billion company with 130 lobbyists — and they are using all of that to the best of their ability to get us to go along"

1) If there are elephants in the room, huge obvious issues that need to be addressed, you have to deal with them, somehow. Avoiding the issue will not make the issue go away.

2) Beyond a certain point, "slick" is actually working against you, when you try to convince a human. (The same point I made with respect to highly sophisticated videos).

Art: The colossus, Francisco de Goya, 1808–1812

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