Where to put the slide with the team? Early in the presentation, or towards the end? It depends.

  • If your team is one of the main assets of your startup, well, put it up front.
  • If the majority of your team is sitting physically in the presentation room, well, you might as well use the team slide upfront to introduce them
  • In other cases, I gravitate towards putting the team slide in the back, after your pitch of the big idea of your venture.

The team slide in a live presentation is different from a detailed bio

  • The presentation slide should emphasise what is remarkable about your team, and omit other details:
    • If your team worked at a lot of big, blue chip companies, splatter the slides with recognisable logos
    • If your team has a history of working together, show a time line with overlaps
    • If your team consists of brilliant scientists, show the awards they got
    • If your team has complementary skills, show the puzzle with all the pieces
  • The detailed bio is important as well, for people to read/study after the meeting. This can be a dense font 10 page that goes in the appendix of your presentation. You can include links to LinkedIn profiles as well on this page.

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