If you are pitching a healthcare IT business to a healthcare IT investor, she has probably seen hundreds of pitches of healthcare IT companies. If you are pitching a mobile content service to a mobile operator, she has probably seen hundreds of pitches by other mobile content providers. If your pitching an IT solution to a RFP evaluation team, they are likely to have invited more (similar) companies to pitch.

  • Check whether you need to invest time in presenting industry background. If you are number 50, others probably have covered that ground (no need to preach to the converted)
  • Don't make up facts about the competition, the audience might have invited them before you and heard the actual information first hand
  • Use most of the time in the meeting to emphasise how you are different from all the other ones.

Art: Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski (1849–1915)  The lone Wolf

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