Presentations grow over time, stuff gets added over months, years, often by different users/designers.

  • The company started with 2 products, and these 2 products - at the time - seemed like a natural way to structure the story. Now with 7 products that story gets a bit boring. Maybe we need a different presentation structure all together?
  • In the beginning the company had 15 customers which we could nicely lay out on a page, now our 100+ customer list becomes a pain to maintain. Maybe we just show a map with countries where we have customers?
  • When we just moved in, we were really proud of our office and that big picture showed it. Five years later, having an office is not something that merits a slide.
  • In the beginning, the company was equal to its 2 founders. Now that 15-person team slide on page 3 seems a bit out of place.

When it is time to mow the lawn, do it.

Art: Vincent van Gogh, Patch of Grass, 1887

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