Here in Israel everyone puts a "Thank you" slide as the last page of the presenting. Almost to thank the audience as it is impossible for the voice to be heard during the roaring applause. People ask me, should you use it?

It depends how.

The huge "thank you" with a big cheesy stock image of applause is definitely not the way to go. A dense page the repeats/summarises the entire presentation in detail also won't work.

You want to end any presentation with a strong upbeat message. The worst ending is, "well, this is it, we are running out of time, and I just managed to stay in my slot". It is better to put up a slide that puts in some call to action: "Sign up now to change the world!" or something.

For investor presentations, this is a bit harder. "Wire to this bank account" is pushing it too much. In these cases I actually put up a slide with a small/subtle "Thank you" (for your attention) title and the contact details of the person in charge of fund raising at the bottom. 

As a visual I tend to use the a memorable photo, graph, concept from the presentation that works as a memory shortcut to my entire story. 

"FolkRetabloRoomChalma" by Thelmadatter - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

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